Branch Stewards

Please see below a list of all the Branch Stewards.  Stewards are here to help if you need advice or have a problem which may need union assistance.  They can also answer any general queries about union membership. 

Please contact a steward who works in your nearest department.

If you are not sure who your nearest steward is please contact the branch office on 01603 212068

Judith Arnfield - Civil Enforcement

Scott Brinkley - NPS Norwich Ltd (01603 213488) 

Sarah Burns - Neighbourhood Services (01603 213168)

Rob Daines - Home Ownership (01603 213129)

Sam Earl - Business Relationship Management & Democracy (01603 213024)

Otis Hernandez - Strategic Housing (01603 212864)

Colin Howe - Civil Enforcement 

Wayne Hooper - Revenues and Benefits

David Smith - Communications and Culture (01603 213994)

Stewart Walker - Revenues and Benefits

If you would like to take an active role in the branch and become a steward for your workplace or section, please contact the branch office 01603 212068.