Staff Consultation on Savings Proposals

The first phase of the public and staff consultation is almost complete. This has been a very busy period for the branch, and we have provided support to many members during this worrying time and received some responses from members on specific proposals that were taken forward in our consultation meetings with management.

A report of the Director of Transformation will go to Executive this Wednesday 16 December to “update Executive on the progress of the internal and external consultation on the draft savings for 2010/11, and to seek agreement to implement an amended range of savings proposals” (this report will be excluded to the public).

On behalf of the branch Kevin O’Grady (branch secretary) and Scott Brinkley (branch chairperson) will be attending the meeting, and will be providing a written response to the Executive report.

The consultation will stop over the Christmas period and start again in January.  Assessment and selection processes and consultation will take place for staff members at risk who have applied for roles in the new structure. This phase of consultation will finish on 5 February and staff will be informed of outcomes on Mon 8 February.

At this point, every staff member that has been at risk will know whether they have been successful (if they’ve applied for a position in the new structure), or be issued with formal notification of redundancy and placed in the redeployment register.

If you would like to give us your views on the staff consultation or would like any help or support from your branch, please contact a branch steward or email