Norwich City UNISON Annual General Meeting 2013

The branch annual general meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th March 2013 in the Council Chamber, City Hall, Norwich commencing at 12.45pm.

Norwich City UNISON is “Your Union” and we want to encourage more people to get involved and there are ways that you can do this including coming to the Annual General Meeting or becoming a workplace representative or contact.

We want to increase involvement and local organisation so that we all get more out of union membership.

The union is its membership and we want you to feel that you are having your say.

Getting involved in UNISON

Most members join a union to get the support they need when they need it. Others join because they know that only people working together can protect their working conditions.

But whatever the reason you join, a union is only as strong as its members and our success depends entirely on how well we work together. That is why your involvement is so important.

One way that you can become more involved is by taking on the role of union Steward (workplace representative).

The Steward is one of the most important roles that can be played and without a team of committed stewards, UNISON could not function properly. Ideally, we would like to have at least one steward in every workplace.

Union stewards act as representatives for their colleagues taking issues forward and reporting back on new developments and, in this branch, also act as Health & Safety representatives

Many stewards also attend the Branch Committee and take a full part in the running of the Branch but the amount you wish to take on is pretty much determined by you.

Stewards receive full training from the union and say their role is fulfilling and rewarding. Please talk to your colleagues and see if someone is willing to take on this vital role.

Call the Branch Office on 01603 212068 to find out more.

Ever thought of becoming a UNISON Branch Officer?

Each year, UNISON members elect individual Branch members to be Branch Officers. The posts are: -

Branch Secretary 


Vice Chair


Welfare Officer

Health and Safety Officer

Education Co-ordinator

Communications Officer

Equality Officer

Labour Link Officer

Membership Services Officer

Membership Officer 

Young Members Officer

International Officer

Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator

Retired Members Secretary

Ring the branch office for more details.