Green book conditions claim

Unison head office is consulting with branches on the options for improvements to the terms and conditions that are agreed nationally – those in the ‘Green Book’.

We would like to hear your views on these proposals – e-mail

Eight proposed improvements are being consulted on. Some of these conditions may already have been enhanced by our employers locally. However the claim is to make sure these are the minimum conditions that any local government employee in the country will be entitled to.

  1. Annual leave: To work towards parity with NHSi leave entitlements and to increase the basic Green Book leave entitlement to 22 days and, after 5 years service, to 26 days 
  2. Maternity Leave and Pay: To match NHS maternity entitlements (8 weeks full pay (less SMP or SMA) and 18 weeks half pay, with a qualifying period of 52 weeks) 
  3. Paternity Leave and Pay: To match NHS paternity entitlements (two weeks full pay) 
  4. Parental Leave: To match NHS parental leave entitlements (entitlement to a child’s 14th birthday) 
  5. Continuous Service: To retain benefits (i.e. basic leave entitlement, maternity leave and sick leave) regardless of service breaks 
  6. Sleeping In and Night Allowances: Increases to sleeping-in allowance of £60 and night allowances over a 3 year period from a time and a third, to time and a half, to time and three quarters, to double time in the final year 
  7. ISA Registration: Employer-funded ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) registration
  8. Working Hours: For a standard working week reduction of one hour for full-time staff, giving a standard working week 36 hours, proportionally implemented over other contract types, without reduction in pay

The claim for improved conditions will be made separately to any pay claims.

Please send us your views – email or contact the branch office.