Budget Savings Programme: Branch Statement

Following the recent communications from the council about projects and proposals that will impact on staff, and the upcoming staff consultation programme, the branch committee would like to make the following statement:

“We understand the reasons why the council needs to make savings; however, we want to make sure that everything possible is done to avoid job losses and especially any redundancies.

We will insist that all of the measures in the proposed staff adjustment policy are taken before a single job is lost (including a recruitment freeze, reducing/eliminating overtime, terminating employment of contract staff, enabling reduced hours/short time working, considering different work patterns and practices, voluntary early retirement and voluntary redundancy).

We will have full involvement in the consultation process, and will be in a position to make alternative proposals as a union. We want a two way dialogue with members fully engaged in the process of developing any alternative proposals. Staff will be consulted, and we want you to tell us your ideas so that we can work on this together.

The branch was concerned that the recent press coverage seemed to speculate on what would happen as a result of the difficulties we face. We would like to stress the importance of not believing the press and reassure you that the branch committee will be considering the position regularly and we will keep you informed of all developments.”

Norwich City Unison Branch Committee – 16 October 2009