Branch Committee Feedback - Sept 2009

As part of the branch’s communication we are now able to bring you feedback from the monthly Branch Committee meetings. The summary of September’s meeting can be seen below.

15 officers and stewards attended the meeting.

Single Status: UNISON headquarters had come back to the employer regarding information that was missing from their proposals. The information required is said to be quite large. UNISON will require 4 weeks from the date they receive the information to come to a thorough and proper decision. Concerns were raised that it was a worrying time for single status conditions to be introduced bearing in mind the proposed changes to staffing adjustment and redeployment policies. It was resolved that the Secretary would raise this issue with the employer.

Pay 2009: The response rate from members to the branch consultation was 44%, with approximately 90% responding in favour of accepting the pay offer of a 1% increase. This was an improvement on the employer’s offer of 0.5%.

Unitary Status: The Boundary Committee’s appeal will be heard on 6 and 7 October. The judgement is expected to follow later.

CityCare: The cleaning contracts had been awarded to NORSE (cleansing of NCC buildings) and Sherwood (public toilets).

Branch Development and Organising Plan: Committee members were asked to review the action plan and the tasks for individual officers. It was reported that the branch was starting to hit its recruitment targets for the first time. The discount cards and monthly special offers have been well received by members. The treasurer submitted a financial report for Jan-August 2009.

Policy Consultation: Following consultation with members, the Branch Committee has raised a number of suggestions that came from members with HR. The branch was awaiting a response to these suggestions from HR before signing off the policies.

Workplace Issues: Issues remain unresolved regarding bank holiday working hours in parking services, CCTV and neighbourhood wardens. The branch committee had achieved some success with regard to the introduction of larger bins in kitchens following pressure from the branch. A proposal had been developed by the branch to amend the calculation of annual leave entitlement increases to ensure they are fair to all members.

AOB: It was agreed to include the budget situation on the agenda for future meetings.

Membership: The membership of 15 new members was confirmed.