Branch Committee Feedback - 22 June 2009

As part of the branch’s communication we are now able to bring you feedback from the monthly Branch Committee meetings. The summary of June’s meeting can be seen below.

12 officers and stewards attended the meeting.

Matters arising: There have been no further reported incidents of damage or vandalism to pool cars situated at Area Offices. The matter has been reported to Health & Safety.

Single Status: The employer’s first proposal for a new pay system had been sent to Unison head office; however the reply had highlighted issues in respect of the gender pay gap. A revised proposal was being finalised to be sent to Unison head office again. Read our full update on single status here.

Unitary Status: The findings of the Boundary Committee’s review are expected on 15 July. There may be occurrences that could result in further delays, which may affect the overall process.

Pay 2009: The offer of a 0.5% pay increase had not been withdrawn by employers following the passing of their deadline earlier this month. The employers have not met yet so there is nothing further to report.

Branch Development & Organising: Today is the Branch Open Day where member discount cards have been given out and a number of new members have joined Unison. The day is considered to be successful.

Membership: The membership of four new members was confirmed.