Branch Committee Feedback - 20 May 2009

Branch Committee Meeting - 20 May 2009 

The meeting was well represented with 17 officers and stewards in attendance.  

Recruitment Open Day - The committee confirmed the date for the next recruitment open day will be Tuesday 23 June, with officers and stewards holding a stand in Logan's canteen for the day.  More information on this open day will be advertised soon.

Single Status - The secretary reported that a proposal from the employer for a new pay system had been sent to Unison head office but there were issues with the gender pay gap.  The employers are working on a revised proposal.  A full feature on single status will be available soon.

Unitary Status - there was nothing further to report.

Pay 2009 - The secretary reported the results of the branch consultation on pay and that these had been taken to the regional meeting, where our response was in line with many other regions.

Health & Safety - an issue was raised about vandalism of pool cars and the implications for health and safety of employees.  The secretary was asked to raise the issue with HR and inform them that Unison will support any member that refuses to use a pool car on health and safety grounds.

Budget - the branch was made aware of the position of the council's budget for 2010/11 and the anticipated deficit.  There may be an impact on jobs, however many pieces of work are underway to improve the council's position and will also provide a clearer picture of what to expect.

Workplace reports - The issue of the lack of bins that had been causing problems for employees continues to be a problem, although the issue has been raised with the Head of HR and Learning.  The issue will be raised again at the next informal meeting between Unison and HR. 

Membership - the membership of 11 new employees was confirmed.