Pay Campaign 2009

Oct 16 2009 - 15:04
Unions and employers have reached a settlement on the local government pay increase for 2009. Members voted overwhelmingly to accept the employers revised offer of:
Sep 11 2009 - 07:56
Unions have voted to accept the employers' pay offer for 2009/10.  The improved offer follows months of negotiations with the employers, and is for:
Aug 25 2009 - 07:25
Norwich City Unison branch members have voted on the employer’s revised pay offer with an overwhelming majority of 93.6% voting to accept the offer. A high response was received with 42.5% of members responding to the consultation. Branch secretary, Kevin O'Grady commented "This is a sign of the times.  With the financial difficulties our members are facing, it is not surprising that people have voted to accept the increase."
Aug 3 2009 - 07:05
Following the receipt of an improved pay offer from employers, the branch has been asked to consult our membership about the offer. The employer’s revised offer is for (from 1 April 2009): 
Jul 22 2009 - 17:17
Norwich City Unison branch has learned that Local Government Employers have made a revised formal offer for the pay settlement for 2009/10. The revised offer is for: 
Jun 14 2009 - 17:36
Members may be aware that the 1 June deadline the employers attached to their 0.5% pay offer has passed. This offer has been rejected by Unison as "unacceptable". However, unions have been reassured that the employers will not carry out their threat to make no offer at all if agreement was not reached by the end of May. Talks have been continuing and the trade union side is awaiting a response and possible revised offer from the employers. Branches are being asked to prepare for a possible consultation on a revised offer.
May 11 2009 - 11:35
Many thanks to everybody that gave their views on the current pay offer.  Around a third of you responded to our informal consultation. At this stage, the majority of members in this branch (57%) were in favour of accepting the 0.5% offer as it stands, plus a number of you gave us your comments and views.  Kevin O'Grady, Branch Secretary, took your views along to the Eastern region meeting of Local Government branches on Friday 1 May, attended by national Head of LG, Heather Wakefield.
Apr 23 2009 - 12:14
The Trade Union Side of the NJC Executive has written to Local Government Employers to say they cannot recommend the 0.5% pay offer to members, and have instead requested an urgent meeting to start negotiations. The committee was also "incensed" about the deadline set by employers, to either accept the offer by 1 June or it would be taken off the table.  This was not considered to be a constructive approach to industrial relations in local government and this point has also been made to employers.
Apr 6 2009 - 19:06
The Local Government Employers have moved quickly to make an offer for the 2009/10 pay round.  The offer is for 0.5%, which will be withdrawn if not accepted by 1 June.  There is no suggestion that the offer will be imposed - it is a case of accept it or get nothing.
Mar 19 2009 - 20:00
On Wednesday this week, around 50 members came to the Council Chamber in City Hall to attend the 2009 branch annual general meeting. The branch was pleased to see so many members present and would like to thank those members for attending during a very sunny lunchtime.
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